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Requirements for registration of domain in Kuwait (.com.kw domains)


An official letter from the client in their company letterhead requesting us to register the domain name in our name on the clients behalf. Original letter is required for proceeding with the registration.

*NOTE: According to the domain name practice laws in Kuwait, the Registrar checks the client’s (.com) web site to compare the WHOIS information to the request for the (.com.kw) domain for further verification to find out if the (.com) owner is the same owner of the (.com.kw) domain. If no relation is found, there is a high possibility that the Registrar shall refuse the domain(s) request.)


Second Level Domains:


commercial use


Internet activities


non-for-profit organizations


educational institutions


governmental entities


Approximate process time upon receipt of documents

  • 1 to 2 weeks







Domain name registration (2years)



Domain name renewal (2 years)



Amendment of a registered domain name



Important Note Regarding Ownership Issue:

*It is not possible to register domain names in Kuwait in the name of foreign companies, however AEserver is able to register domain names on the behalf of foreign companies since local presentation is a must.

*If the client has a local company, they can be the owner of the domain name. Otherwise, AEserver can register the required domain, however AEserver shall be listed as the owner of your domain.


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